Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everything You Want

Do you have any album that brings you way back to a certain place in your life? For women, we connect foods, smells, and songs to events much easier than most men. Our brains are like a never ending scrapbook. Well, one band in particular brings me right back to high school. I remember having it on repeat in my Explorer for months. I randomly heard on of their songs last week on the radio and I could recite every word like it was yesterday (our brains are such amazing creations to remember things like that from years and years ago, aren't they!?).

Well, the band that I'm referring to is Vertical Horizon. You may not remember the name, but I'm sure a few of these songs will be very familiar to you ...

I took the splurge and downloaded the whole album last night on my iPod and I traveled back to high school for about an hour :)


On another note, God is so good! Seriously, He leaves me speechless with all His magnificent works :)

Hope you have a blessed day my fellow blogger friends!