Sunday, July 17, 2011

I LOVE Weekends OFF :)

My cousin, Meagan, is staying with my parents for the summer for her 10 week nuclear pharmacy internship with GE this summer. She is a pharmacy student at Purdue and lives in Illinois with her family during the summer. I try to make my way down to my parents (who are only a mere 25 miles from me) as often as I can to entertain my amazing cousin who I rarely get to see!

Her boyfriend, Ben, is in town this weekend, so the four of us spent the day together yesterday. It started at Panera and ended up at the World of Coke after waiting 30+ minutes in standstill traffic due to an auto show downtown and almost an hour outside the exhibit in some of the hottest weather EVER! Don't you just love Atlanta weather and downtown traffic!? We managed to snap only one picture at the World of Coke, but I think it sums the day up fairly well ...

I should totally buy some of these shades, right!?

It was soo fun to spend the day with you, Meagan! I wish you lived here permanently!!!


Today, David and I put the order in for Blake's dresser :)
Matches his crib of course!

and I found the MOST adorable onesie for him to come home in!!!

Stay tuned for the final nursery pictures after we get his dresser in a couple weeks :) It's getting closer and closer!!!