Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Baby Stuff!

I cannot believe that I'm 8 months pregnant today (32 weeks)! In a little over a month and a half we are going to have this little man in our arms. My doctor has informed us that at our 37 week ultrasound for gestational diabetic moms that an induction is usually scheduled the following week. So that makes the count down about 6 weeks - EEK! With time ticking away, we are still lacking a dresser and glider for Blake's room - but we have pretty much everything else that we absolutely NEED, so the other stuff can wait. (I have a great chair and ottoman in our sitting room, so I can make due until we can afford a glider)

Here are my three favorite recent goodies for all my fellow mommy and mommy-to-be friends out there ...

1. I'm most excited about the BOB jogging stroller that I just ordered from Babies R Us. I saved over $100 with their sale that they are currently running, which pumps me up! My neighbor/co-worker showed me her BOB stroller and convinced me to fore-go the traditional 3 in one stroller combo. This thing turns without ANY difficulty, is super light, and has single hand collapsing function.

Only bummer thing about the stroller is that it requires a car seat adapter and drink holder accessory to be purchased separately, but it's still totally worth it! AND I don't have to get a separate jogging stroller :)

2. His high chair from IKEA was only $60 and way cuter than most of the other ones out there! I need to make a cushion to hold him in there when he's little (the one that they sold at IKEA does not come even close to matching our decor), but that should be a couple straight stitches on my sewing machine and less than $10 :)

3. Medela Pump In Style breast pump. I've done a bunch of research online and asked tons of friends which one they like the best for when they go back to work and Medela was the resounding response. I bought a used one for $50 on eBay. Now before you cringe in disgust about a used machine, the hospital give you all new tubing, membranes, and shields for the machine when you deliver (the parts of the machine that actually touch you or the milk). So $50 for a $300 machine is a really good deal, and it's still sanitary :)


I can't wait for my two showers coming up :) Blake sure is one blessed little boy <3

It's bed time for me, night!