Saturday, June 9, 2012

8 Months

Man, I'm behind! Blake turned 9 months old yesterday, but I just realized I never posted his 8 month pictures or milestones ... Whoops! I plan on catching up with his 9 month update after his check-up in a couple weeks :)

Blake wasn't even crawling on his 8 month birthday. The most memorable, but worst part of his life was when he spiked a horrible fever on Mother's Day (5/13/2012) while my family was up visiting my grandmother in St. Louis. After a trip to the Emergency Room the night before (which revealed nothing - no pneumonia, ear infection, etc.), his temperature spiked at 104.7 Mother's Day afternoon despite the Motrin/Tylenol treatment. You would think as a nurse that I would be accustomed to health related issues and not freak out, but when it's your child ... it's a whole new ballgame. I don't think I have ever taken a higher temperature on any human being in my life. I remembered just holding his naked body in my arms, covered with cool washcloths, weeping because I felt so out of control (and it made matters even worse because my husband wasn't with me to keep me sane - I allowed him to stay at home since it wasn't his family, and he had started a new job and didn't want to miss a day of work). I really and truly thought something horrible was going to happen to my baby boy :( I was watching him like a time bomb ... Waiting for a febrile seizure or for him to stop breathing. In hindsight, I know that I overreacted a bit a LOT (and snapped on a few family members up in St. Louis - SORRY!). However, I have learned that if there are no other symptoms, and baby is acting "normal" in appetite and activity that their temperatures can safely go up to 105 without having to seek medical care. Since babies' temperature control systems are so immature, they really can spike huge temperatures. (Would have been nice to know that before my $125 ER copay, but whatever!)

Back to the happy stuff! Here are a few pictures of Blake meeting his Great Grandma Betty Ryckman ...

This was about 2 hours before his temperature was 104.7 - so he wasn't feeling soo hot :(

My brother in law captured this without me knowing ... pretty much a perfect portrayal of my weekend


This is what Blake does when he gets excited :) He shakes and straightens his little legs out like this!

Smiley Boy!