Monday, August 6, 2012

Sweet Friends

Do any of you have friends that you haven't seen in YEARS, but when you meet up in person again - it's like things never changed!? David and I had the privilege to spend the weekend up just outside of Knoxville with a good friend of mine from college. Tracey and I took Pathophysiology and Microbiology together at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. After Tracey moved back home to Tennessee in 2004ish, we naturally lost touch because of the distance factor.

Because of Facebook, we connected again a couple of years ago and have kept in touch rather frequently through texts and FB chat. After multiple failed attempts to get together, even though we only live 3.5 hours apart, we finally scheduled a quick weekend to run up to visit (despite our insanely busy calendars). What a beautiful home they have, and an even more beautiful family! Emma is 4 and Branson is only 10 days older than our little Blake. What a joy it was to see them interact :) Love the feeling of forever friends! Cannot wait to watch each others families grow up together!

This is the view off their back porch. It was so serene! Felt like I was on vacation in a cabin up in the mountains :)

Right after our delicious lunch at Calhoun's in downtown Knoxville, Tracey took some amazing photographs of our little family. If you know anyone in the Knoxville area, please send them to her website! She is seriously one of the most talented photographers I know :) Below is a link to her blog of all the pictures - ENJOY!