Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful ABCs

Got this idea from a sweet girl I've known for 14+ years (maybe longer - how long have we known each other Chrissi!?)... You can see her original post here

A: Avocados. Proof that God loves us. I hope they serve guacamole in heaven.
B: Blake. I never realized how much love you could have for someone in such a short amount of time. I LOVE being Blake's mother. I cannot wait for our family to grow more when I'm done with school.
C: Car. I have been driving my favorite car I've ever had in my short life since August. Has every bell and whistle a mom could imagine (and, it's still not a minivan - WOOP!). Love my Honda Pilot :)
D: David. My amazing husband. What a wonderful man of God that he is to put up with me. He is such an amazing father. Every moment I see him share with our son, I fall even deeper in love with this man. On a side note, he decided to be baptized on a spur of the moment decision last weekend (you can see the video here - he starts at 12:54). I'm so proud of my husband for making the decision to make his faith public with Baptism (he's a super shy guy, so doing anything in public is a HUGE deal for him). I'm so excited to see what else God has in store for us :)
E: Electricity. Things like this - we take advantage of daily. I'm so thankful to have air conditioning when I need it, a hot meal at the push of a button or twist of a knob on the stove, etc. Enough said.
F: Friends. You know who you are. Love my friends that embrace my genuinely bold and goofy personality - and forgive me when I'm being a little too bold or too geniuine. Love friends that I might not see for years, and can pick right back up and not skip a beat. Love friends that keep in touch (and don't hold it against me) in my busy season of life.
G: Grad school. I know this sounds silly to be thankful for when I complain about it soo much. But, I'm thankful I have the privilege to get an education that will support my family far beyond our basic needs. Also, for my classmates. I have better classmates than any girl could ask for. I see lifetime friendships in our futures! Wouldn't have rather gone through this with anyone else I know :)
H: Health. I'm so thankful for everyone in my family's health. My grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, siblings, husband, son, and myself. Although, a few of them are dealing with some of their own issues currently (I'm praying for you - and you know who you are!) - overall, we are great and most importantly ... ALIVE.
I: Insurance. I'm thankful that I have health insurance through my employer that includes a maternity policy and covers my entire family for less than $500 a month - and government cannot dictate how we use our policy yet.
J: Jesus. Thankful that my Jesus Christ is so forgiving of all my sins.
K: Kiwi, my first dog. My precious 4 lb chihuahaua.
L: Love. Where would we be without LOVE. So thankful that I'm blessed with a God who Loves me, a family who loves me, and friends who love me.
M: Mango (my other chihuahua) and Molly (our golden retriever). Don't judge me for having a mini zoo at my house with our three dogs, ha!
N: Nurses. Us nurses are a special breed of people. Extra thankful for all the crazy nurse friends I have.
O: Occupation. I'm so thankful to have an occupation that has soo many opportunities. I can teach, or practice in the hospital, a doctor's office, an insurance office, you name it.
P: Parents. I think I have the most giving parents on the earth, and I'm so undeserving of their generosity. Love you mom and dad :)
Q: Quietness. If you spend any length of time with me at work or on a social basis, I'm hardly ever quiet. However, the times that I actually shut my yapper - I'm rather productive. I can just imagine how much I could get done if I'd be quiet like my husband tells me I should ... lol!
R: So very proud to vote Republican. Not going to get political on you people, but if you read my FB status on the evening of November 6th ... you will see why I believe what I believe.
S: My Sister. She's so inspiring. A wonderful woman of God with astounding self control and patience.
T: Time management. I'm actually pretty bad at managing my time, but when I buckle down - I can really rock it out.
U: Umbrellas. Come on now, I couldn't think of another U. Wouldn't it be horrible if we didn't have umbrellas!?
V: Vacations. Can't wait to go to Disney World in 3 weeks with my mother, sister, and nieces. Thankful we each have the financial opportunity to get away from our jobs to enjoy some down time a couple times a year:)
W: Running Water. I think I covered that above.
X: Xylophones. Blake loves his little xylophone, soo cute :)
Y: You, all 3 of YOU readers out there. Thanks for pretending to be interested in my bored jibber jabber.
Z: Zebra print. Part of me wants to decorate an entire room in Zebra print, love it!

Hope you enjoyed my ABCs! Now it's your turn!
Love, Brooke