Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Early Birthday Gift to Myself!

Aren't those the best gifts!? My 26th birthday is a week from tomorrow and I finally decided to splurge and get me one of these

iPod Touch - 32g 3rd Generation
7,000 songs
40 hours of video
Faster performance
Earphones with Remote and Mic
Along with Many other Features :)

I had struggled with this decision for a long time (since I've never owned an MP3 player of any sort) about whether to suck it up and do the iPhone or the iPod Touch and the decision ultimately came down to that I don't want to pay an extra $15-30 a month. The iPod Touch does EVERYTHING except phone calls, pictures/videos, and text messages (which my current cell phone does very well without any extra fees a month). A few of our friends have the iPod Touch and love them, so I can't wait to get mine :)

So, Happy Early 26th Birthday to ME!!!