Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Months

Our little guy turned 3 months on December 8th (I know, I'm a little late - just now found the cord to our camera!).

At his 3 month shot visit, he was 15 pounds 13 ounces (only a pound increase from last month). He got his HiB and Prevnar vaccines at his visit. He seemed to be a tad more cranky on the days following the vaccinations - or it could be that coincidentally, he started teething at the same time. Who knows!?

He is standing up at every chance he can get, smiling big with those adorable gums, biting down like crazy on any finger or toy that enters his mouth, and drooling too!

Still sleeping 8+ hours every night, and exclusively breastfed every 4 hours during the day!

Onto the pictures of our little "squibby" :)

Sweet Baby Foot

If I don't post again before the New Year - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks - Part 3

15 – My job, I’m so thankful that get paid to do what I love – help people!
16 – My car, it may not be the SUV I miss and dream of – but my accord has never given me any huge issues in the last 2.5 years that I’ve had it!
17 – David’s job, although M-F 3p-1:45a is not an ideal schedule, we only have to find someone to watch Blake 3 days a week from 2-8, which is pretty awesome and affordable!
18 – Chocolate, I eat way too much of it, but YUM!
19 – David is such a great dad, he has soo much fun with Blake all day when I’m at work – and when I call to check in, I love to hear Blake cooing in the background!
20 – Online grad school! I cannot get over how cool it is that I will be able to reach my goal to become a family nurse practitioner online – Dec 2013 I will have FNP behind my name!
21 – Elliptical machines, if we didn’t have one – I would probably say that I haven’t worked out one bit since Blake has been born!
22 – Having all of our family within 30 miles
23 – That Walmart is open so late!
24 – Carbohydrates, and not feeling guilty eating them (since I’m not pregnant – I’m not a gestational diabetic anymore, yay!)
25 – I know I’ve said my husband a few times now, but today I’m thankful that he runs errands for me and does so many things on his days off for me while I’m working – makes my life soo much easier!!!
26 – Sleeping in, and not having to set an alarm!!!
27 – Christmas decorations – lights are up outside, and the tree is almost done!

Monday, November 14, 2011

2 Months Old!

Wow, seriously - if you don't have a child then you have no concept of how fast time can fly by. I never thought life could move this quickly! Seeing Blake's sweet face every day and watching him grow is so much fun!!! I remembered reading on a friend's facebook status a couple weeks ago that she jumps out of bed every morning (like it's Christmas) to see her newborn son - I couldn't agree more, especially since he is smiling and cooing back at David and I now. Being a mom is, by far, the best thing on the planet.

Today, Blake weighed 14 pounds and 13 ounces (98%) at his 2 month checkup, and was 25 inches long (95%). He got his rotavirus oral vaccine, Tdap vaccine, and second Hepatits B vaccine today. Poor little thing really hated being stuck, but he calmed him down in less than a minute; and with the Tylenol today - he's been fine ;)

We go back in a month for the pneumococcal and HiB vaccines (I'm doing a non-traditional vaccination schedule, after reading Dr. Sears' book "The Vaccine Book" - not eliminating any vaccines, just spreading them out).

Blake is still rolling from front to back, and now he has been standing up and only holding onto our fingers. Such a strong little man :) He usually only lasts a couple minutes on his feet, but it's so cute to see him stumble to hold himself up!

Onto the pictures of our little guy (the part people really want to see!)

Giving Thanks - Part 2

Nov 7 - Such a helpful mom that will drop everything for me to help me out. She is such a blessing to me! Don't know what I would do without her :)
Nov 8 - We were able to conceive little Blake without any difficulties. I know far too many people recently who either cannot get pregnant, have had miscarriages, or have sick babies - ugh, breaks my heart!
Nov 9 - Being able to type this blog with Blake sitting in my lap calmly. I know this won’t last forever, but it sure it nice to be able to get everything done that I need to without little hands on the keyboard!
Nov 10 - Friends, quality ones. I love having a few people in my life that would drop anything for me. I would do pretty much anything for others, so it’s finally nice to have it reciprocated for once :) {Special shout out to my good friend, Liz - my lunch date today!}
Nov 11 - Being alive on 11-11-11, how stinking cool is a date like that? Won’t happen again for another 100 years!
Nov 12 - Since yesterday (Veteran's Day) was filled with being thankful for the cool date of 11-11-11, today I’m thankful for my veteran. Not just because he’s my husband (that would be too easy) – but, he truly is the most humble man I know. He hates it when people ask for veterans to stand up (I have to force him to do it). He did not serve this country for any recognition at all, and that’s pretty awesome in my book. So, thank you for your service, sweetheart!
Nov 13 - We found an awesome church up here. Since we moved back to the Atlanta area, David and I had struggled with finding a service that met our needs after attending the phenomenal Church of the Highlands in Birmingham (seriously, after one Sunday there – you will know what I mean!). We really enjoy the newlyweds small group and Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, but it’s 35 minutes away now and we really didn’t crave the worship services like we used to in Birmingham. David’s best friend, Patrick, invited us to Mountain Lake Church in Cumming where the lead pastor actually knows Chris Hodges (lead pastor of Church of the Highlands) and he pretty much runs the church exactly the same! What a relief it is to finally have a church we cannot wait to attend! The only thing that would make it perfect, would be bringing our JFBC small group up to Cumming!!!
Nov 14 - Pediatricians who work with parents. I opted to do a non-traditional vaccination schedule after reading “The Vaccine Book” by Robert Sears, M.D. – I’m still giving Blake all his vaccinations, but not letting him get more than two shots at once, so his little body and nervous system can process things better.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giving Thanks - Part 1

November is the month of one of the yummiest holidays, Thanksgiving. But, there is so much to be thankful for that I cannot fit it into one day!

Nov 1 - This one is easy - but not to be forgotten - GOD! I'm so unworthy to be forgiven and saved!
Nov 2 - Health, of everyone in my family. It's so important not to take for granted when we are healthy and feeling well!!!
Nov 3 - Blake, my precious 8 week old son (as of today!) - so healthy, happy, eating and sleeping great. I could go on FOREVER about him! SO blessed :)
Nov 4 - My c-section incision isn't coming apart like I thought, just a big blood blister! Thankful for doctor's offices that can fit me in last minute :)
Nov 5 - Having NOTHING on the calendar all day long so I can enjoy our little family for once!
Nov 6 - My loving husband who does a great job helping me around the house and yard. We re-planted the bushes that Molly destroyed this afternoon and we were a great team :)

Green Chili Enchiladas

I cannot believe I have not shared the most DIVINE recipe with you since my time as a blogger! Take a look at these mouth-watering babies ...

David's mom introduced me to this recipe from her cookbook that has tons of great recipes that you can throw in your freezer for use later :)

1 1/3 pounds lean ground beef or ground turkey
1 1/4 cups finely chopped onion (frozen chopped onions work great)
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 packet taco seasoning of your choice
Salt and pepper to taste
6-8 flour tortillas (if you use the smallest ones, you will need 8-12)
3 cups grated Monterey Jack cheese (2 cups for inside tortillas, 1 cup to top with)
1 10 3/4-ounce can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 1/2 cups sour cream
1 4-ounce can diced, green chilies

Preheat oven to 375 degrees and spray a 13 X 9 X 2 pan with non-stick cooking spray.

Brown ground beef/turkey, and saute onions (if I'm using turkey I like to cook it with at least a cup of water to keep it moist, I drain it after the meat and onions are done cooking). Combine with taco seasoning, chili powder, salt and pepper. Spoon approximately 1/4 cup of meat into a tortilla, sprinkle enough cheese to cover, and roll like you are making an enchilada. Place seam side down into baking dish.

When tortillas are completed, combine soup, sour cream, and green chilies to make a sauce; pour over tortillas. If you are cooking now, place in oven for 20-25 minutes - the last 10 minutes sprinkle the remaining 1 cup of cheese on top.

Makes 6-8 servings.

[If you are freezing, cover dish with foil, and freeze with remaining bag of cheese taped to it. To prepare for serving after freezing, thaw completely prior to cooking.]



Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things they never tell you about c-sections and your recovery, but SHOULD!

Everyone's experiences with delivering babies are so varied, but I wanted to share mine with you in hopes to prepare some of my fellow cohorts that are expecting ...
(All the men and ladies not wanting to hear about personal girly stuff best be clicking exit on the screen now)

I am so thrilled I had a scheduled c-section, truly. My husband and I were there together - well rested and prepared, we were able to plan with our families and friends so people could be there right after he was born, Blake's head was perfect and round, mommy didn't have her girly parts ripped apart from birthing a huge head (yay!), and the list could go on!

A few things that were not so great about having a c-section was:
-Being on bedrest, not being able to eat real food, and having a foley catheter in for 12 hours (that was facility protocol where I delivered) after delivery
-Watching Blake gag on all the mucous in his throat for the first 24-ish hours (super common for c-section babies that didn't have the opportunity to squeeze all that junk out of their lungs on their way out)
-Gas pains! I woke up in tears around 3 am with excruciating right shoulder pain. Apparently, with abdominal surgeries, air can get trapped in your body and the most common place - due to the anatomy of your heart and how it pumps blood - is your right shoulder. I truly believe that was God's way to make sure I knew how to empathize with my post-surgical patients with gas pain. I've never had a worse pain in my LIFE!
-Pain pills. They made me feel so nauseated and loopy - I took 2 percocet 4 hours before they took out my epidural, then another 2 when they took it out and those were the last ones I had! I never took another pain pill besides tylenol or motrin during my entire recovery process. I had the doctor write a script for tramadol to take at home (comparable to an extra strength motrin/ibuprofen), but I never took it - still have the entire bottle in my medicine cabinet!
-Soreness. This was probably mostly since I refused to be doped up on the pain pills, but my lower abdomen (where your uterus is) was so much more sore than I thought it would be. Yes, I know I had major surgery - but even taking a light walk around my neighborhood was really painful at 3-4 weeks. It's starting to get better, but I just am impatient and want to be back to normal!


Some questions I got about having an elective planned c-section have been ...

Did you not wanna try for a vaginal delivery? Of course I would have preferred to have the ideal type of delivery for mom and baby (vaginal). However - I put all my trust in my doctor with 30+ years experience (and has been my doctor for a mere 12+ years). He strongly advised with the ultrasound estimated measurement of 9 lb. 11 oz. the week before his delivery that a scheduled c-section would be his first choice with the baby measuring so big because of my gestational diabetes (his head was 99% in the ultrasound measurement also, and he was convinced with induction that he wouldn't make it through safely - broken collar bone, etc.). Although he was only 9 lb. 4 oz. (less than 5% off of the estimated weight) the following week when he was born, his head was 15 inches around (the average baby is around 13 inches) and I would NOT want that coming out of there!

Do you regret not waiting and letting yourself go into labor naturally? Don't you sorta feel like you took that power away from God? When my husband and I were deciding on whether to do the scheduled section or not, I truly thought I was playing "God" by picking what day and time slot he was going to be born. I asked my mom and a few other close friends their opinions, and I came to the consensus that God gave doctors the knowledge to keep us safe and healthy, and we were making the right decision. So in other words, no I don't regret it at all. First time babies are up to a week late sometimes. He was born at 39 weeks and over 9 pounds, I could not have imagined how much he would have weighed or how much bigger his head would have been if I waiting another couple weeks!

Let's not forget that our mortgage depends on my paychecks. Therefore, taking leave before he was born was NOT an option unless my health depended on it - and I was SOO uncomfortable the last month of pregnancy that I could not have managed any longer at my sometimes highly physical job (medical-surgical nurse with up to 6 patients who can hardly do anything for themselves)!

I understand that women used to not be able to have the luxury to plan a c-section, but they also didn't have the luxury to have an estimated weight/size before they came. Don't they say ignorance is bliss? If a woman only knew she had a baby to deliver, and not that he was 98-99% bigger than most babies and estimated to be about 10 pounds - the process wouldn't be as scary for her!


All in all, I'm soo happy with our decision to get a c-section because it was clinically necessary for both Blake and me. However, I don't recommend it for everyone. If you have an average sized baby cooking in there, I say you totally need to NOT be induced (a very large percent of inductions cause undue stress to the baby end in c-sections, so WAIT!), and have a vaginal delivery if at all possible - because it's the best thing for you and the baby! But if somehow you have to get a c-section, don't sweat it. It's really a great option, too :) Best of luck either way!


Hope you all had a great weekend - here's an adorable picture from yesterday - Blake's first trip to a pumpkin patch :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Month

What an amazing month it has been at home with Blake :) I've recovered rather well from my c-section and mastitis (I'll save those for a future post).

I cannot imagine what my life was like before he was here and I would never go back! I feel so blessed when I get to look at Blake's sweet face every day. I absolutely LOVE being a mother to such a precious, adorable baby. He loves to sleep as much as I do and he already went almost 7 hours between feedings the other night! On average I'm getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night (yes, I know this is a lot - but I love my sleep!), which is no change from before I was pregnant. I'm actually getting more sleep than my last trimester because I'm not getting up every hour to go to the bathroom :)

Here are a few of my favorite things about him ...
*Blake holds his head up very well, but flops it back down when he gets tired
*He snorts and fake coughs when he's ready to eat - such a cute little noise, never heard anything like it
*He usually falls asleep in the bath, or just sits there contently while he becomes a human sprinkler, ha ha
*He's eating every 3-4 hours during the day and every 4+ hours at night
*He is the noisiest eater I've ever heard, but the sounds of enjoyment are so precious!
*Practically, the only time that he cries is when he's hungry
*It seems that every time we go somewhere, it takes him hours to wake up (which makes traveling a breeze!).

We are beyond blessed to have such a good, healthy baby. Honestly, I was petrified of how difficult this first month was going to be with limited sleep and a whiny baby, but Blake has made it so easy :) I know I'll be eating my words as he gets older and more awake, sitting, crawling, etc. However, I'm thoroughly enjoying this calm time!

We went to the doctor yesterday for his one month well-baby check up:
Weight: 11 lb. 14 oz. (he's gaining a pound a week on average since birth)
Length: 22 3/4 in.
Head: 15 1/2 in.

Here are his one month pictures!

Staring at the light, what he does best nowadays

I'm over sitting up, and I'm hungry!


Hope everyone has a great week :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Weeks

As my little one is napping, I figured I would update the blog. Everyone keeps telling me how much this time is going to fly by and I don't want to forget any moment :)

Blake had his 2 week check up this morning, and he is now weighing 10 pounds 2 ounces (almost an entire pound heavier than his birth weight!). His umbilical cord fell off yesterday (well, it was dangling by a half a thread and I might have helped it off a little - whoops!) and the pediatrician cauterized it this morning since it was still pretty yucky/wet looking.

We still haven't used any formula, but we do the vitamin D drops his doctor recommended a few times a week (I'm supposed to give it to him daily, but I can't stand the look on his sweet face when he tastes that nasty stuff!). Once I run out of the free bottle she gave me, I don't know if I will continue to use it ... Apparently vitamin D doesn't pass in breast milk, but I'm not convinced that it's necessary to dose him daily if he's out in the sun.

He's sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time at night, he gets up and eats and goes right back to bed in his crib. During the day, he likes to eat anywhere from every 2-4 hours depending on how tired he is. David is a huge help to me, day and night time - which is a blessing. He really is such an awesome dad. I'm finally to the point where I'm not that sore - so I can handle most of the night calls myself so he can sleep before work.

Blake is in 0-3 month clothes, poor kid is wearing a newborn outfit today and the pants look like shorts on him - poor buddy!

Well, let's not bore everyone with my random blabbing ... Onto my favorite mobile photos since he's been born!

Blake's first picture all cleaned up in recovery with mama :) 9.8.11

Coming Home 9.11.11

Bathtime 9.12.11

First Fauxhawk @ 2 Weeks 9.22.11
P.S. The light makes his hair look like it's red, but it's definitely brown!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are traveling to Augusta to watch my "little" brother get his white coat for medical school :) Praying Blake behaves in the 160+ mile car trip!

Love, Brooke

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Allow Us to Introduce ...

Our sweet baby boy, Blake David Augestad, made his debut via scheduled c-section on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 2:29 EST!

Weight: 9 pounds 4 ounces
Length: 20 & 1/4 inches long
Head Circumference: Whopping 15 inches!

Photo Taken By Laura Taylor Photography

We couldn't be any happier with our little guy :) And the love and support of our family and friends since his birth has been nothing short of phenomenal! God is soo good :)

We have been home for almost 5 days now and Blake is doing surprisingly well for a newborn. During the day he eats about every 2.5 hours, and at night he eats every 3-4 hours (the pediatrician just gave us the green light to spread the feedings to every 4 hours since his weight was almost back up to his birth weight, we were doing every 3 hours until a couple days ago). He hardly cries, unless he's hungry or something is really bothering him (tummy issues, etc.). He has been sleeping in his crib for the last couple of nights without any issues what-so-ever! David and I both are surprisingly rested :) We average 7-8 hours of sleep a night and I take an additional nap in the afternoon for about an hour or so between his feedings.


I will upload the pictures from my dad's camera that we took at the hospital and some of our visitors at home in the next few days. Most of my time is occupied with newborn laundry and slowly hobbling around the house from my c-section. Looking forward to being able to drive in another week. I'm starting to go a little stir crazy at home during the week when David is at work M-F from 2-midnight, so come visit us!!!

We have a rather eventful weekend... Blake will be attending his first wedding at 8 days old tomorrow (my father-in-law to his fabulous fiancee Lynette), I'm going to spend a couple hours with some friends on Saturday night at her bachelorette party while David watches him at home (I'm secretly freaking out inside about leaving him alone with him, but I'm sure he will be fine!), and then we plan on bringing him to church with us on Sunday. Hope all three of these outings go well :)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nursery is Complete

Hallelujah, I can actually say that Blake's nursery is all done! I'm not entirely set on the layout of the nursery at this point, but at least everything that belongs in there is there and ready when we take our little guy home :)

Sorry the picture quality isn't great (from my iPod), I really need to find my camera battery charger before Blake arrives!

Crib and Glider

Changing Table

Super Cute Growth Chart from my friend, Taryn

Closeup of Mobile and Bedding

I'm not sure if he has enough clothes ... ha!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

38 Weeks

Just had my last baby shower today and I'm blown away by how generous my family, friends, and co-workers are! After gift cards and all the gifts today, we officially have EVERYTHING we need!!! I ordered his glider and swing online with all the gift cards and didn't have to pay dime out of pocket :) Blake has diapers to last him for months and clothes to last him until he's in 18-24 month size! What blessing all these people are to us! Blake is already spoiled, and he's not even here yet!

Seriously, Blake has more clothes than me!

Onto the weekly update! Maybe the last one!?
*How far along?: 38 Weeks
*How big is baby?: He was estimated to be 6 pounds 5 weeks ago via 3D ultrasound
*Weight Gain: 21 pounds, I passed the dreaded 20 pound mark - ugh!
*Sex: Sweet baby boy!
*Maternity clothes: Still my maternity jean capris and lots of dresses
*Stretch marks: My lower belly has faint red marks all over it now :(
*Sleep: Wishing it wasn't so interrupted by position changes and trips to the bathroom ...
*Symptoms: Everything from a bloody nose in the morning, to constant urge to go to the bathroom, contractions when I stand up for any period of time, my pelvic bone feeling like it's going to break when I change positions, throbbing heels, swollen ankles, and always sleepy - I sound like a serious complainer, but this pregnancy thing really was a breeze for me until these last couple weeks, I swear!!!
*Movement: Blake is always re-adjusting his position or kicking if something presses on my tummy :)
*Food cravings: Mexican is still my food of choice, but that's not necessarily pregnancy specific. Blood sugars haven't exceeded 100 for a while now (shouldn't be over 120 after I eat)
*Labor signs: Contractions happen just about every time I stand up for any length of time. But when I lay down, they go away - so nothing to rush to the hospital for yet...
*Belly button in or out: Still an innie, but part of it is protruding
*What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy, being able to get up off the couch/bed without serious preparation/effort, and not waking up with excruciating back pain in the middle of the night
*What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our sweet baby :) Doctor is doing an ultrasound to determine his weight next week! I'll have more information about what the next plan of action will be in less than a week (i.e., induction or c-section)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Product Assembly Required

Who knew that putting together a pack & play and bouncer seat, assembling a dresser, and properly installing a car seat involved so many screw drivers, steps, and rules!? All these directions need to be written by someone that actually understands English!

We have pretty much everything set up that we would like for Blake's arrival except for some more diapers, wipes, his changing pad/cover, glider, and his swing. We even got the car seat base installed in my car last week :)

I haven't done a pregnancy update in a while so here it goes ...

*How far along?: 35 Weeks, but he is measuring 39 Weeks as of tomorrow
*How big is baby?: He was estimated to be 6 pounds 3 weeks ago via 3D ultrasound
*Weight Gain: 19 pounds
*Sex: Sweet baby boy!
*Maternity clothes: Maternity jean capris and lots of dresses
*Stretch marks: My lower belly has faint red marks all over it now :(
*Sleep: If I didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom every 2 hours it would be amazing!
*Symptoms: Bloody nose, running to the bathroom every couple hours, pretty intense braxton hicks contractions that are not regular but rather painful at times, throbbing heels, and sleepy
*Movement: He's pretty much always squirming around in there! Has yet to wake me up in the middle of the night though :)
*Food cravings: Nothing in particular, but most of my blood sugars have been nice and low readings (even after some not so low carb choices)- which makes me happy!
*Labor signs: Nothing imminent at this point
*Belly button in or out: Still an innie, but part of it is protruding
*What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy!
*What I'm looking forward to: Seeing his sweet face in less than a month! Also, the doctor is going to do an ultrasound in 2-3 weeks to determine if we will be inducing labor or proceeding with a c-section. If he is measuring over 9.5 pounds then my doctor wants to go ahead and schedule a c-section between August 22-30 (depending on the measurements). Can't believe this is so close now! I've started packing my hospital bag, but it only has my toiletries and 2 articles of clothing for me so far ... I need to get on it!

Hope you had a great weekend :) I'm going to help my husband celebrate the rest of his birthday! Love you all!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I LOVE Weekends OFF :)

My cousin, Meagan, is staying with my parents for the summer for her 10 week nuclear pharmacy internship with GE this summer. She is a pharmacy student at Purdue and lives in Illinois with her family during the summer. I try to make my way down to my parents (who are only a mere 25 miles from me) as often as I can to entertain my amazing cousin who I rarely get to see!

Her boyfriend, Ben, is in town this weekend, so the four of us spent the day together yesterday. It started at Panera and ended up at the World of Coke after waiting 30+ minutes in standstill traffic due to an auto show downtown and almost an hour outside the exhibit in some of the hottest weather EVER! Don't you just love Atlanta weather and downtown traffic!? We managed to snap only one picture at the World of Coke, but I think it sums the day up fairly well ...

I should totally buy some of these shades, right!?

It was soo fun to spend the day with you, Meagan! I wish you lived here permanently!!!


Today, David and I put the order in for Blake's dresser :)
Matches his crib of course!

and I found the MOST adorable onesie for him to come home in!!!

Stay tuned for the final nursery pictures after we get his dresser in a couple weeks :) It's getting closer and closer!!!

Summer Fun :)

Over the 4th, my family celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday up at Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. My entire immediate family was able to make it, for once :) Onto the pictures!

Taken by my awesome brother in law :)

Yummy carrot cake made by our personal pastry chef, my sister :)

Here is David with Ruth, whom he picked up without any prompting :) I think he is ready to be a dad!

Ivy giving Molly some loving :)

Molly on the Boat

My niece, Ruth, passed out on my mom after a long day of boating (Note the hand in the food, LOVE it!)

Here's the birthday boy with his dog, Spice, and Mom with my other niece, Ivy

My brother with Molly on the lake

I was hesitant to put this one up, but here I am 30 weeks pregnant with little Molly (everyone keeps telling me to take a lot of pictures pregnant, because I will cherish them someday ... I dunno about that one ...)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Baby Stuff!

I cannot believe that I'm 8 months pregnant today (32 weeks)! In a little over a month and a half we are going to have this little man in our arms. My doctor has informed us that at our 37 week ultrasound for gestational diabetic moms that an induction is usually scheduled the following week. So that makes the count down about 6 weeks - EEK! With time ticking away, we are still lacking a dresser and glider for Blake's room - but we have pretty much everything else that we absolutely NEED, so the other stuff can wait. (I have a great chair and ottoman in our sitting room, so I can make due until we can afford a glider)

Here are my three favorite recent goodies for all my fellow mommy and mommy-to-be friends out there ...

1. I'm most excited about the BOB jogging stroller that I just ordered from Babies R Us. I saved over $100 with their sale that they are currently running, which pumps me up! My neighbor/co-worker showed me her BOB stroller and convinced me to fore-go the traditional 3 in one stroller combo. This thing turns without ANY difficulty, is super light, and has single hand collapsing function.

Only bummer thing about the stroller is that it requires a car seat adapter and drink holder accessory to be purchased separately, but it's still totally worth it! AND I don't have to get a separate jogging stroller :)

2. His high chair from IKEA was only $60 and way cuter than most of the other ones out there! I need to make a cushion to hold him in there when he's little (the one that they sold at IKEA does not come even close to matching our decor), but that should be a couple straight stitches on my sewing machine and less than $10 :)

3. Medela Pump In Style breast pump. I've done a bunch of research online and asked tons of friends which one they like the best for when they go back to work and Medela was the resounding response. I bought a used one for $50 on eBay. Now before you cringe in disgust about a used machine, the hospital give you all new tubing, membranes, and shields for the machine when you deliver (the parts of the machine that actually touch you or the milk). So $50 for a $300 machine is a really good deal, and it's still sanitary :)


I can't wait for my two showers coming up :) Blake sure is one blessed little boy <3

It's bed time for me, night!

Friday, July 1, 2011

29 Week Appointment

I had an appointment yesterday and little Blake is already head down (of course he can still move outta that position, but he will likely stay in that position if he doesn't get too crazy in there over the next few weeks - and he's stayed in the same general position for the last 2 months according to his kicks). His heart rate is slowing down a bit and was 136. Every other time he was in the mid 150s. However, anything from 110-180 bpm is completely normal.

*How far along?: 29 Weeks according to original doctor ultrasound, but 30 Weeks according to growth and my calculations
*How big is baby?: Cabbage
*Weight Gain: 11 Pounds (Lost some - Woot Woot!)
*Sex: Sweet baby boy!
*Maternity clothes: Maternity Jean Capris (the pair the Molly didn't destroy - grr!) and yoga pants!
*Stretch marks: My lower belly has a few faint red marks all over it now
*Sleep: I cannot get enough!
*Symptoms: Just sleepy sleepy sleepy!
*Movement: He's pretty much always squirming around in there! Has yet to wake me up in the middle of the night though :)
*Food cravings: Well, now that I'm on this low carb thing I don't get to eat anything and everything I want. However, turkey tacos and cheese quesadillas are considered low carb meals so I still eat a ton of those!
*Labor signs: Nope
*Belly button in or out: Still an innie
*What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy!
*What I'm looking forward to: Finishing up his nursery - still need a glider/chair and a dresser. And our two showers at the end of July and the beginning of August :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

28 Weeks (7 Months) and the Diagnosis of GD ...

The last 7 months for this pregnancy have been relatively uneventful for me. My biggest complaints were fatigue and nausea at the beginning. I had thought it was a shame that we only wanted two kids because this pregnancy thing really has been so easy on me (THANK you LORD!). All things have to come to an end though, right?

Last week I failed my 1 hour glucose tolerance test, which earned me a front row seat to the fasting 3 hour glucose test this morning. My fasting blood glucose was 100 (should have been under 95) and the 1 hour result after I drank that nasty orange drink was 217 (should have been under 185). Because I did not pass the first two tests, I didn't have to stay for the last two finger sticks (since there was no way to pass after that). The nurse then told me that I have gestational diabetes (GD).

The nurse gave me orders to have to meet with a diabetes educator for my diet plan ASAP and the pharmacy filled my glucose monitor, test strips, and lancets today. The hope is for diet alone to maintain healthy blood sugars, and if somehow diet is not enough (it usually is for gestational diabetics) then I would need to see a prenatal specialist for an insulin regimen.

For those of you who do not know much about gestational diabetes, I'll share with you what I've learned ... Gestational diabetes is pregnancy induced diabetes, that usually occurs in the second half of pregnancy (usually the third trimester) due to the developing placenta.

"Hormones from the placenta help the baby develop. But these hormones also block the action of the mother's insulin in her body. This problem is called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance makes it hard for the mother's body to use insulin. She may need up to three times as much insulin."

I happen to have several of the risk factors: over the age of 25 during pregnancy, overweight prior to pregnancy (welcome to the story of my entire teenage and adult life!), and I weighed over 12 pounds when I was born (my mother likely had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with me, but she was never tested for diabetes - testing was uncommon then) so that increased my chances for developing gestational diabetes as well during all pregnancies.

There are usually no symptoms for GD, but sometimes women can have: blurred vision, fatigue, frequent infections, including those of the bladder, vagina, and skin, increased thirst, increased urination, nausea and vomiting, weight loss in spite of increased appetite. Out of all those mentioned, I have only been tired and extra thirsty for the last month, which I wasn't even sure I could attribute that to anything besides pregnancy itself.

So, what does that mean for me? For the rest of the pregnancy, I have to check my blood sugars with a finger stick in the morning and 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also have to limit my carbohydrate consumption to 30 grams for breakfast, 45 grams for lunch, 45 grams for dinner, and 15 grams for each of two snacks throughout the day. No juice, no excessive sweets, and as many raw veggies and lean meats as I can down.

For Blake, more than likely - he will just be a big boy when he's born (which we already assumed) and be born a little earlier - with a greater chance of c-section due to his large size. He will need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise throughout his life, because babies from gestational diabetic moms are at a higher risk for weight problems and developing type 2 diabetes in their adult lives, and gestational diabetes for females.

While this diagnosis is time consuming and annoying while I'm at work (we're lucky to get a lunch break during our 12+ hour shift), it's imperative for the safety of me and my son that I follow the instructions that have been given to me.

We would love prayers that I can maintain my glucose levels on diet alone, without the need for insulin or oral medications. I would prefer any other alternative than to medicate myself during pregnancy, because of any possible side effects it could have on the baby that may have not been researched yet.


Let me not forget to acknowledge that we are so blessed! There are so many other families with much more significant problems than ours. Thank you God for keeping me and my family healthy :)


Monday, June 6, 2011

26 Weeks - 100 Days to GO!

*How far along?: 26 Weeks on Wednesday :)
*How big is baby?: Eggplant
*Weight Gain: 14 Pounds
*Sex: Sweet baby boy!
*Maternity clothes: Still loving my maternity jean capris!
*Stretch marks: I have a couple tiny ones to the right of my belly button - sorta depressing, but he's worth it :)
*Sleep: I cannot get enough!
*Symptoms: Still the same old stuff! Just really sleepy more than anything else. This pregnancy has been pretty easy :)
*Movement: By far, the BEST thing on the planet. He is constantly shifting or moving around in there. I LOVE when he interacts with us when we press on him :) God's creation is so amazing!
*Food cravings: Loving me some Mexican, I think Blake is going to come out eating quesadillas, tacos, and burritos :)
*Labor signs: Nope
*Belly button in or out: Still an innie
*What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy!
*What I'm looking forward to: Finishing up his nursery - still need a glider/chair and a dresser. Here is his crib and bedding thus far (pardon the wrinkles, I couldn't wait to throw the bedding in the dryer before I put it together)

My countdown up top says we have 100 days to go, how crazy is that!? This really seems to be flying by :) We are both definitely more excited than nervous, but have a fair share of both!

Have a great rest of your week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Essentials

Hope these last few HOT days have been treating you well :) Glad we all made it through the "rapture" yesterday - crazy people, huh!? Just makes me laugh.

Well, I had a doctor's appointment Thursday and my updates are that Blake's heartbeat was 156, he's constantly moving around it seems, and I'm up 13 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy. Praying that I can keep it under 25 pounds all together with 15-16 weeks left. Might be wishful thinking, but it's my goal!

We've made a few purchases this past week that I am beyond excited to receive in the mail/pick up! Let me share a few of them for all the other mommies (and mommies to be) out there ...

1. Moby Wrap - I had been struggling with picking a somewhat fashionable, comfortable, and affordable baby carrier. For all you baby Bjorn lovers (including my awesome sister), I just cannot bring myself to spend $100 on something that doesn't even look that great. It's not UGLY or anything, I just don't love it. I've always seen these Moby Wraps (pictured below) and they look so cute and comfortable. Only thing that stinks about them is that you have to buy them directly from their online store or in specialty shops (not big name places that I could add one to my registry). Needless to say, I'm excited about trying the different options out when it gets here next week!

Of course I went with the black! It has to match everything :)
Their website explains all the different options for different carrying options that can be done with the wrap - according to age.

2. Crib!
My mom and dad gifted us this beautiful crib! We will be using another bedding set, but this 4-in-1 crib can be converted into a toddler bed, and then a full sized bed later in life which makes us even happier to not have to make another bed purchase for a while.
Babies R Us should be calling us this week to go pick it up :) Thanks again, Mom and Dad!!!

3. His bedding :)
I was told to be patient and wait until showers to get his bedding set, but I am really impatient really want his nursery to be somewhat put together in the next couple weeks. I'm not entirely fond of room decorations/bedding that scream a baby or child lives here (i.e., primary colors, planes, trains, boats, ABCs, sport themes, cartoon characters, or gender specific colors). I want the room to look chic and remain a color that we will not be forced to change if we end up transitioning the nursery to an office or guest room someday.

Here is the set we decided on ...

We only purchased the 4 piece set, which includes the bumper, dust ruffle, fitted sheet, and quilt. I will sit on my hands and wait for any other accessories in the collection :)

4. Maternity scrubs
I had thought that I would make due with what I had, but wearing tops without pockets is really driving me crazy. I splurged on one set of scrubs by Cherokee called flex-i-bles which I hope will be really comfortable (I ordered them on Amazon). I'm sure I won't look as fabulous as the model in the picture does, but Blake is excited about not being squished in my Grey's anatomy tops anymore :)

That concludes my shopping spree for the week! Hope everyone has a blessed week!