Wednesday, March 30, 2011

16 Weeks

*How far along?: 16 Weeks
*How big is baby?: Avocado

*Weight Gain: Holding steady at 5 pounds
*Sex: Precious little boy :)
*Maternity clothes: Still rocking my maternity jeans/pants, but I try to wear dresses as much as I can because they are so much more comfortable!
*Stretch marks: Nope
*Sleep: It’s hard to find a comfortable position already (no more tummy sleeping, boo!), but I still have no problems sleeping once I find the right position
*Symptoms: Definitely been having some lower abdominal stretching pains, I get nauseated if I don’t eat something every 4-ish hours, and he’s already moving :)
*Movement: I can feel him moving a every now and then when I’m driving and any other time I’m sitting up, it felt like bubbles or butterflies in my lower abdomen initially, but now I’m certain it’s Blake moving around!
*Food cravings: Taco Bell’s bean burritos, no onions :)
*Labor signs: Nope
*Belly button in or out: Super innie still
*What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach
*What I'm looking forward to: Graduating and closing on our house in a little over four weeks!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a BOY!

Yesterday, March 26, 2011, we had an ultrasound of our little one. Allow me to introduce you to our son, Blake David Augestad :)

It is so amazing how much we love him already! God's creation is so amazing.

We announced our little boy to our family yesterday evening (Mrs. Augestad was in Texas with her family, but everyone else made it). We passed out cupcakes and instructed each person to take a bite to reveal the color of the icing inside (blue = boy, pink = girl).

The guesses for boy or girl among the family were split right down the middle ... half of the crew thought boy, half thought girl. Most of the Augestad boys guessed boy (all of the children on the Augestad side have been boys for quite some time, so I should have figured the odds were against us!).

His aunt (my sister) and cousins (my two nieces) already got him his first toy ...

We are so thrilled to meet our little man in about 5 months :) He has a whole family waiting on him and praying for him! He has no idea how much love is coming for him :)

God is so good! Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to the Second Trimester!

I just had my official "workup" this morning (pretty much means blood and a couple other tests) for all that genetic testing stuff. We had our ultrasound at our last appointment, so we only got to hear the heart beat with the doppler this morning. However, that little heart beating at 150 beats per minute sounded pretty amazing :)

It's amazing that a week from tomorrow that we will know if we are having a little boy or little girl! We are telling our family together that afternoon, so we will be sharing it with the rest of you that evening (3/26)! I really hope our little one cooperates so we can see what they are working with :)

*How far along?: 14 Weeks 2 Days
*How big is baby?: Lemon
*Weight Gain: I'm ashamed to announce ... Already 5 pounds :(
*Sex: We just want healthy! We eventually want one of each, so either would be great! (However, we still both have a feeling it's going to be a girl)
*Maternity clothes: I got a couple pairs of maternity jeans and they are so much more comfortable that regular pants (can I get away with wearing these things FOREVER!?)!! I'm still not showing, but in the last couple weeks I cannot handle direct pressure on my tummy from my clothes.
*Stretch marks: Nope
*Sleep: I still can sleep like it's my job :)
*Symptoms: The two biggest symptoms that I notice daily are my moodiness (sorry honey!) and nausea if I don't eat every 4 hours.
*Movement: I thought I felt flutters a few days ago, but I dunno yet
*Food cravings: Anything carbohydrate :) Some proteins really don't sit well with me, depending on the day
*Labor signs: Nope
*Belly button in or out: In
*What I miss: Nothing!
*What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the sex next Saturday 3/26, and sharing it with our family that afternoon! Closing on our house 4/28, and my graduation 4/29 are a couple other, non-pregnancy related things we are looking forward to!

Thank you to everyone in sharing our excitement with us!

Love, Brooke (and David)