Thursday, April 22, 2010

My New Love

So, I think I'm in LOVE ...

With IKEA, ha ha (got you worried, didn't I?)

I totally forgot how much I love that place .. here are the most recent purchases that we have added to our home ...

Hemnes - 3 Drawer Dresser $149

Hemnes - Nightstand x 2 $59.99 Each

Antonius Closet Storage - ~$40 Each (each drawer and stand purchased separately)
(We got two units that are 6 drawers tall, without the casters)

$29.99 for a set of two

Of course, I forgot to mention that all the furniture has to be assembled. It didn't bother me too much, but I'm pretty sure my neighbors didn't appreciate my hammering at 1 am, ha ha! I was motivated, and couldn't stop :) I'll post pictures of our new, organized place as soon as I get everything in it's place!

Next time you're in the Atlanta area, make sure to stop by IKEA .. or if you want to keep your money in your bank account .. maybe you shouldn't? Happy shopping!