Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas and New Years :) We will never forget Blake's first Christmas and our first Christmas in our house!

I really don't like making resolutions (since I am usually disappointed), but I do like to make a "to do" list for myself at the beginning of each year.

I was looking back through my blog and had remembered last year how I wrote down a few goals for the year ... See here

Here are the goals I had at the beginning of last year ...
"-Graduating with my BSN in April!
-Renting or buying a house next summer in the Alpharetta or East Cobb area
-Getting accepted into a Nurse Practitioner Program somewhere in Georgia or Alabama
-And a few other unspoken prayer requests!"

Well, I/we accomplished each one of the listed goals! I don't think that has ever happened :) I got my BSN in April, we bought a house 2 miles away from Alpharetta, I got into Samford's FNP program and start next week, and that unspoken prayer request was to get pregnant (I didn't even know I was already pregnant at the time I wrote my list)! Thank you LORD for being so gracious :)

So now it's time to hold myself accountable and make a public list for 2012!

Here it goes ...
-To become consistent with making time to thank God (daily quiet times and tithing)
-To be debt free by the end of the year - and KEEP it that way (with exception to the mortgage, student loan, and car loan since I'm still in school). David and I really need to become MUCH smarter with our money (and stop going out to eat and buying stuff online)...
-Lose 65 40 pounds (I really should lose more - but, gotta start somewhere)
-To maintain a B average or better in grad school

I really could keep going, but I need to keep it to a minimum to prevent disappointment :)

What are your plans for 2012?