Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Below is the predicament that I am currently in .. I have copy/pasted a few emails that were sent/received today about my job hunt...

Sent 9:37 AM to Shawn (nurse manager) from Me

Hey Shawn,
I hope you had a great weekend! Quick question, I was wondering if you have made your decision for your nights position(s)? I was offered a med-surg position over the weekend and I really do NOT want to accept their offer if you are going to offer me a position to work with your floor. I believe I have a week or two to respond to that job offer, is there any way you will be making your decision by then? Sorry to bother. Have a great week!



Received 12:20 PM from Shawn to Me

I am still conducting interviews so I can not promise I will have a decision in time for you to make your decision. I encourage you to evaluate what is best for you at this time. Because Women’s is a specialty area, my decisions are often long thought out due to past experiences. I do appreciate your eagerness and interest in working in the Women’s Center here at Shelby. Your impression from the interview process enables you to remain an applicant of consideration but again I have not reached a decision to date.

Thank you,

Shawn Yarbrough, R.N.


Sent 12:41 PM from Me to Shawn


Thank you for such a quick response :)

I do need to tell that other offer by this Friday, but I will ask them to give me more time. I will wait however long that it is necessary for you to make your decision. I would rather work with you all than anywhere else, so however long I need to wait, I will wait :) Best of luck in the rest of your interviews!


So the decision that I have to make is ... if I have not heard anything from Shelby (labor and delivery nights in Birmingham) by Friday, and I'm supposed to let Northside (med-surg nights in Atlanta) know by Friday .. what should I do? I'm considering accepting the offer in Atlanta, but what if I'm offered the L&D position a week after I tell Northside that I will accept their offer? I wish I could predict the future ...