Monday, February 21, 2011

Update :)

So I haven't posted in a little over a week, so I figured I would update our family from afar on our status!

*How far along?: 5 Weeks and 5 Days
*How big is baby?: The size of an apple seed :)
*Weight Gain: Just starting all this, so nothing!
*Sex: We just want healthy! We eventually want one of each, so either would be great!
*Maternity clothes: None
*Stretch marks: None
*Sleep: I'm a sleeping machine!
*Symptoms: Still having some dizzy spells, nausea is the worst between 3 pm and bedtime
*Movement: Nada
*Food cravings: Nada
*Labor signs: Not for at least 30 more weeks, k?
*Belly button in or out: In
*What I miss: Not being dizzy or nauseated
*What I'm looking forward to: Our first ultrasound/sonogram next Monday on Valentines :)
*Best moment of the week: Completely unrelated to the pregnancy, we sent off all our loan documents and finished of the final home paperwork (we're getting an electric stove with a flat cook top, yay!) They are supposed to be breaking ground on our home within the next week or so!!!