Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a BOY!

Yesterday, March 26, 2011, we had an ultrasound of our little one. Allow me to introduce you to our son, Blake David Augestad :)

It is so amazing how much we love him already! God's creation is so amazing.

We announced our little boy to our family yesterday evening (Mrs. Augestad was in Texas with her family, but everyone else made it). We passed out cupcakes and instructed each person to take a bite to reveal the color of the icing inside (blue = boy, pink = girl).

The guesses for boy or girl among the family were split right down the middle ... half of the crew thought boy, half thought girl. Most of the Augestad boys guessed boy (all of the children on the Augestad side have been boys for quite some time, so I should have figured the odds were against us!).

His aunt (my sister) and cousins (my two nieces) already got him his first toy ...

We are so thrilled to meet our little man in about 5 months :) He has a whole family waiting on him and praying for him! He has no idea how much love is coming for him :)

God is so good! Hope you all had an amazing weekend!