Monday, November 14, 2011

Giving Thanks - Part 2

Nov 7 - Such a helpful mom that will drop everything for me to help me out. She is such a blessing to me! Don't know what I would do without her :)
Nov 8 - We were able to conceive little Blake without any difficulties. I know far too many people recently who either cannot get pregnant, have had miscarriages, or have sick babies - ugh, breaks my heart!
Nov 9 - Being able to type this blog with Blake sitting in my lap calmly. I know this won’t last forever, but it sure it nice to be able to get everything done that I need to without little hands on the keyboard!
Nov 10 - Friends, quality ones. I love having a few people in my life that would drop anything for me. I would do pretty much anything for others, so it’s finally nice to have it reciprocated for once :) {Special shout out to my good friend, Liz - my lunch date today!}
Nov 11 - Being alive on 11-11-11, how stinking cool is a date like that? Won’t happen again for another 100 years!
Nov 12 - Since yesterday (Veteran's Day) was filled with being thankful for the cool date of 11-11-11, today I’m thankful for my veteran. Not just because he’s my husband (that would be too easy) – but, he truly is the most humble man I know. He hates it when people ask for veterans to stand up (I have to force him to do it). He did not serve this country for any recognition at all, and that’s pretty awesome in my book. So, thank you for your service, sweetheart!
Nov 13 - We found an awesome church up here. Since we moved back to the Atlanta area, David and I had struggled with finding a service that met our needs after attending the phenomenal Church of the Highlands in Birmingham (seriously, after one Sunday there – you will know what I mean!). We really enjoy the newlyweds small group and Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, but it’s 35 minutes away now and we really didn’t crave the worship services like we used to in Birmingham. David’s best friend, Patrick, invited us to Mountain Lake Church in Cumming where the lead pastor actually knows Chris Hodges (lead pastor of Church of the Highlands) and he pretty much runs the church exactly the same! What a relief it is to finally have a church we cannot wait to attend! The only thing that would make it perfect, would be bringing our JFBC small group up to Cumming!!!
Nov 14 - Pediatricians who work with parents. I opted to do a non-traditional vaccination schedule after reading “The Vaccine Book” by Robert Sears, M.D. – I’m still giving Blake all his vaccinations, but not letting him get more than two shots at once, so his little body and nervous system can process things better.