Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks - Part 3

15 – My job, I’m so thankful that get paid to do what I love – help people!
16 – My car, it may not be the SUV I miss and dream of – but my accord has never given me any huge issues in the last 2.5 years that I’ve had it!
17 – David’s job, although M-F 3p-1:45a is not an ideal schedule, we only have to find someone to watch Blake 3 days a week from 2-8, which is pretty awesome and affordable!
18 – Chocolate, I eat way too much of it, but YUM!
19 – David is such a great dad, he has soo much fun with Blake all day when I’m at work – and when I call to check in, I love to hear Blake cooing in the background!
20 – Online grad school! I cannot get over how cool it is that I will be able to reach my goal to become a family nurse practitioner online – Dec 2013 I will have FNP behind my name!
21 – Elliptical machines, if we didn’t have one – I would probably say that I haven’t worked out one bit since Blake has been born!
22 – Having all of our family within 30 miles
23 – That Walmart is open so late!
24 – Carbohydrates, and not feeling guilty eating them (since I’m not pregnant – I’m not a gestational diabetic anymore, yay!)
25 – I know I’ve said my husband a few times now, but today I’m thankful that he runs errands for me and does so many things on his days off for me while I’m working – makes my life soo much easier!!!
26 – Sleeping in, and not having to set an alarm!!!
27 – Christmas decorations – lights are up outside, and the tree is almost done!